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Thursday, 26 January 2017

List Of Beauty Tips Which Makes you Beauty

 List Of Beauty Tips Which Makes you Beauty

"Skin Welfare Tip: Include high water content veggies in your diet daily likely carrot, radish, fennel etc. Enjoy with simple olive oil lemon juice dressing."

"Facial Care AyurvedaTip: Clean your face with warm water. Make an paste with 2 tsp of oat flour and water. wash face gently and rinse."

"Tip to take care of pimple scars: Try to remove the dead skin naturally so that new cells and skin forms in that place to remove the signs of scars."

"Tip to take care of pimple scars: Dont touch or squeeze or press the pimple when it is in excessive stage. This may cause damage to skin."

"Hair Welfare Tip: Nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle is a MUST. Drink plenty of water. Make sure to include protein into ur diet. Vitamin A is vital nutrient for hair growth."

"Hair Welfare Tip: Avoid hair styling treatments and products. Use of harsh chemicals spoils hair growth in long run. Find a way to avoid chemicals based treatments."

"Hair Welfare Tip: To treat dry or damaged hair, to add shine and volume try to use aloe vera or curd for conditioning ur hair.They are most effective natural cures."

"Hair Welfare Tip: Keep your scalp clean and free from oil. Hair wash should be frequent, depending on the oiliness of ur skin as well as the exposure to dirt and dust."

"Hair Welfare Tip: Its not gud to wash ur hair daily.This practise strips natural oils that are essential for healthy hair growth.Hair wash can vary once or twice a week."

"Hair Welfare Tip: Use a shampoo products that suits ur hair type. You can only understand if the product suits you by using it for a certain period of time."

"Winter Skin Care Tip:Use Mild Soaps.Ur favorite antibacterial or deodorant soap may be stripping ur skin of essential oils.Stick to mild soaps less deodorised."

"Winter Lip Care Tip: ChappedLips.Keep a tube of Lip Balm in easily accessible pocket.Apply intermittently through the day to keep the lips moistened."
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